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Space Hulk sees two new campaigns emerge from its air vents


Full Control have had a really rough time of it year, after discovering that they’d signed on not to write a game adaptation of ‘60s sci-fi erotica classic Space Hunk as they’d thought – but instead acquired a license for some manky old board game.

They’ve made the best of it, though, releasing Space Hulk in August to polite applause everywhere but PCGamesN, where it was roundly frowned at. And now they’re flexing their Terminators’ sadly-ungreased mechanical muscles with two new campaigns – evocatively named Sword of Halcyon and Defilement of Honour.

You’ll find both on Steam immediately. Each features five new levels, and oddly split their new environmental features between them – bulkhead doors in Sword of Halcyon’s case, and air ducts for Defilement of Honour. They’re both sourced from back issues of the very-good White Dwarf magazine, and both cost $4.99.

Sword of Halcyon is the name of a Space Marine vessel which collided ungracefully with a – dun-dun-dun – Space Hulk in the Warp, flooding its corridors with icky genestealers. You’re aboard the Battlebarge, Mayan, which picks up the Halcyon’s escape pods and decides to launch a counterattack. For some reason this is a rushed counterattack, in which you must complete objectives and pop ‘stealer heads as fast as Terminatingly possible. The above bulkhead doors will allow you to shut off unsavoury areas of the ship.

The Defilement of Honour, it transpires, is another ship – featuring an unusual propulsion device that the Blood Angels will need to shut down if they’ve any hope of destroying the – dun-dun-dun – space hulk. Air ducts are not your friends, it turns out – they’re the prerogative of genestealers.

A new update also introduces full text localisations for the French, Germans, Italians, Spanish and Russians, which is nice.

Space Hulk grew another single player campaign back in October. Did you play that one?