Spy Party bugs invite Cthulhu to the gathering

spy party chris hecker

You may have heard of Spy Party. The two-player game where one person’s a spy trying to fit in at a gathering while acting out their secret mission of planting bugs and stealing documents. The other player has the job of working out who the spy is. Then they shoot them with their sniper rifle.

What you might not have heard is that after the sniper has shot their target the scene takes a nightmarish turn with party guests rising into the air, their heads rotating on an unnatural point, eyelids pulling out from their faces, and joints popping like someone run through a mangle.

There are some of the bugs in the game’s current beta. A part of me hopes they’re never fixed. If every game ended with all the guests tearing themselves apart like the person who was killed was the last stop gap between normality and a rift in reality then it would be quite easy to recommend Spy Party it your friends.

As it is we’re stuck recommending the game on its inventive mechanics, delightful character design, and solid entertainment value. Great, I’m sure looooads of people will buy it for those qualities.

This is what it looks like when it’s not bugging out (though this is from the old art style):

Cheers, RPS.