Spy Party video shows new art style. Shoot sims with a sniper rifle

spy party chris hecker

Over a year ago we learned that Spy Party was getting a new look. Former Maxis animator John Cimino had been brought on board to update the game’s visuals and colour the bland avatars with a lot more individuality.

If the new video’s anything to go by it’s worked a treat.

Spy Party’s a two-player game in which one of you, a spy, wanders about a high class party trying to do spy things. Crack in a safe, seduce an ambassador, forget your pen in the dresser with disastrous consequences. Meanwhile, the other player is a sniper. They look out for the spy and pop a cap in their… head when they spot said spy. Two things complicate this. The spy could be any of the characters at the party and the sniper has just one bullet. The spy must emulate the other party-goers and the sniper must look out for unchracteristic behavious.

I’m a great fan of the caricature style Cimino and developer Chris Hecker have plumped for. Having a set of different characters who all behave within their role and differently from one another means a great deal of scope for the player who is imitating. You’ll have to learn the characters’ habits to be the best mimic you can be.

Hopefully there will be enough characters populating the party to create a hard job of things for the sniper.

If you can’t wait till the game’s release (which is still without a date) then you can always preorder the game and get immediate access to its beta.