The Stanley Parable trailered, (oh God there’s no way) out in October


The latest trailer for one-time Half-Life 2 mod Stanley Parable is a right larf. A laugh at the expense of the YouTube commentariat (who are in on the gag, by the way – ChilledChaos’ confused musings provide the soundtrack), and then at the expense of, well, somebody else. As with every other answer in the game, you’ll have to earn that one.

That oddly pleasurable uncertainty that’s bubbling away in your intestines right now? Get used to it, and the narration: a remastered version of the mod was approved via Steam Greenlight earlier this year, and will make itself known on PC and Mac this October.

It’s developed by Galactic Cafe, whose site blurb should give you an idea of what to expect: surrealist devilishness. Unlike the blurb, though, The Stanley Parable is a multi-pathed affair.

If you start the mod now, you might have found your way out by October. Or perhaps you’ve played before? By all means, offer your cryptic conclusions in the comments.