Star Citizen adds salvage career stretch goal


Star Citizen’s managed to raise another $1 million in just a week. It’s total now sitting comfortably at $19 million. To entice further pledges, Roberts Space Industries have announced that at $21 million they will begin development of a salvage mechanic which can form a career for players.

It’s informed by features of a number of other stretch goals that have already been unlocked and it sounds a little awesome. You get to meet aliens.

“Salvage isn’t an aside: it’s a career, with its own mechanic, story tie-ins and universe-shaping endgames,” the developer writes. “Search the galaxy for a host of valuable and interesting secrets using both the flight and FPS components. Discover the secrets of the ancient Hadesians, locate valuable components and cargo… or go down in history as the first to make contact with an entirely new alien race!”

It sounds as if, as a salvager, you’ll be searching for wrecks in deep space. You’ll board them and strip them of their goods before jetting back to civilization to make a quick buck. Basically, you get to be Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly.

With the announcement of the $21 million stretch goal RSI are now planning on winding down their campaign. They’ll still be accepting money but they don’t have any further goals ready to set.

The more the team raise between now and the games launch the more they “can invest in additional content (more ships, characters etc.) and perhaps more importantly we can apply greater number of resources to the various tasks to ensure we deliver the full functionality sooner rather than later.”

Star Citizen’s shaping up to be quite the big space game.

Cheers, Polygon.