Star Citizen crowdfunding passes $4 million; $900,000 of stretch goals left and two days to reach them in


Space is full of big numbers: billions of stars and galaxies, trillions of planets, more asteroids than there is time in all our lives to count them, so it seems only fitting that Star Citizen has gone on to raise a stupendously large amount of money – now over $4 million. With two days to go Roberts Space Industries is making the push to pass $5 million, at which point they’ll have unlocked all their stretch goals and sapped the internet of all its money. Find out exactly what it will being below:

At $4.5 million, the game will launch with 60 star systems and giant armoured cruisers for us to fly. Certainly nice things to dablle with, larger universe, larger ships but that’s just mass, the next goal adds a little more texture to the world. Because at $5 million Squadron 42’s storyline will include 50 missions to flythrough, with “celebrity” voice actors guiding you through the whole way. The universe, too, will expand to 70 systems and alien derelicts will appear in the game. Boardable alien derelicts.

By reaching $4 million, pledgers unlocked the Drake Cutlass. It’s a ship designed for local system militias but has been adopted by pirates for its large hold and spread of hard points. You can read more about it over here.

If you’re looking at pledging to the project you can jump in on the Kickstarter page.

If you’ve not heard of Star Citizen or Squadron 42 and you’ve read all the way to this point then, first, well done and, second, read Paul’s preview.

Chris Roberts has said there will be a lot of new updates over the next 48 hours concerning the game, so we’ll bring them to you as and when we hear them.