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Star Citizen raises $6,227,408; now onto the development


Two days ago I wrote about Star Citizen passing $4 million in pledges, making it the highest funded Kickstarter project, beating even Project Eternity. Then nine hours ago, Jeremy wrote about the donations passing the $5 million mark. Now, with the funding stage closing minutes ago, Star Citizen has raised $6,227,408. Ridiculous.

Star Citizen has captured something in the PC playing community, going on to raise $2 million more than its nearest Kickstarter cousin, Project Eternity. Though, it’s worth pointing out that it’s not just Kickstarter where funds have been raised. The funding was split across the popular pledge site and also Roberts Space Industries, the game’s home website. Comparing the two, their bespoke crowdfunder was significantly more lucrative, earning $4.1 millioncompared to Kickstarter’s $2.1 million.

Now the funding phase is over we can hopefully start seeing something more of the game’s development.

Watch this space.

Geddit? Space. Genius.