Star Citizen video shows off ship modification

Star Citizen Roberts Space Industries

In light of the economic crash and the loss of confidence in banks, consumers have opted to invest their money in another form of faith deposit: the development of Star Citizen. Yes, the game threatens to suck in all the world’s money. Recently passing $22 million.

Unlike banks, we’re beginning to see a return on our investment. Roberts Space Industries have released a video showing the possibilities open to us when it comes to modifying our ships.

Introducing the 2944 Aurora from Roberts Space Industries on Vimeo.

While it’s likely just a way of presenting the features of the game in an in-lore manner, I’m getting a little wary of videos in the style of an advert. We’ve already seen how RSI have built micropayment systems into the hangar module and I’m getting a tad worried that every time I lose my ship in Star Citizen I’ll need to buy a new one with real world cash.

I’m pretty sure that’s not the case – backers received lifetime insurance with their starter ship – but, still, it’s a worry. I mean, I cut my arm off after seeing the Sarif Industries advert and look where that got me.

Besides those little niggles, the game continues to look exceedingly lovely and if your ships can both have that level of modification and be visible to other players then I’m a big fan.

Almost every backer out there will have the basic Aurora ship and if they all looked identical that’d be no fun at all. The chance that modifications will separate them out visually is a grand thing.