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Starbound beta release set for 4 December

Starbound Chucklefish

Starbound’s beta release is almost upon us. The game’s lead designer, Finn Brice, has tweeted that, “assuming arrangements go through with Steam”, the beta will go live through Steam Early Access on 4 December.

We knew the beta was soon to be upon us when Chucklefish felt comfortable talking about how it would be broken down. In the past, the team have been extremely coy about any details of release dates so they’re break from silence was a big indication. Also because they said the beta’s “really not very far off now.” That was a big clue.

Still, it sounds almost too good to be true that the game could be upon us before the end of next week.

You’ll be able to buy Starbound through Steam Early Access but Brice warned in the beta announcement post that this first release will be extremely buggy. “Updates will come thick and fast, sometimes as often as multiple updates a day.” If you want to see the game in a more complete state then you’ll want to hold off till a later date.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how Starbound’s turned out so I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist buying the game as soon as it appears in the Steam store.