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Starbound has musical instruments and they are awesome


It’s been difficult for Starbound to escape the summary of “It’s Terraria in space”. I mean, it is but it’s also much, much more. Including, as a new video reveals, a music box. 

Some of the items you can craft and fool around with – on your own and with friends – are musical instruments. One of the game’s developers has put out a video recently showing how with a little ingenuity you can cover gaming’s most famous song.

In short: awesome.

In long: That’s totally awesome.

The news came via a progress report posted on 7 July. There are almost 20 instruments in the game already and they’re all fitted with soundfiles made from samples of the instruments in play.

Developer Chucklefish still want to improve the animations nut largely the system in place is complete. You can load ABC files, a kind of notation sytem, into the game and have the different instruments play along. This allows for you to compose outside of the game and then have characters play songs along to the tune.

It’s all extremely cool.