Starbreeze’s new shooter, Storm, is “Payday in Space”

Storm Starbreeze

I suspect your Swedish is as good as mine. So when I say “Spelet bygger på ett egenutvecklat koncept och baseras på tekniken bakom PaYdaY-spelen”, we both know what I’m talking about. You’re likely as excited as I that “StorM kan närmast sammanfattas som ”PaYdaY in space”. Right?

Well, if you aren’t familiar with the language of romance that is Swedish, I also have the Google Translate edition of the news.

Starbreeze have been quietly working on Storm for over a year without revealing any details at all. Now, a brief mention of the game in financial report has cracked open a little information on the game:

The short paragraph on Storm says:

“Starbreeze runs a game project with the working title storm. The game is based on a proprietary concept and is based on the technology behind Payday games. Storm can almost be summed up as “Payday in space.” it is a co-op shooter in a sci-fi environment that takes advantage of the design we have created in Payday games.”

I imagine the backstory is something along the lines of the people of Earth becoming intolerant of bankers taking bonuses in light of massive financial collapse, avoiding jail time despite committing heinous crimes, and funding cruel government regimes, resulting in an initiative to fire all banks into space, leading to a golden age on the planet. The only people unhappy with the decision to launch banks into space are bank robbers who now have a hell of a commute.