StarDrive trailer shows space bears fighting space owls


While space games may be appearing thick and fast of late, what with Star Citizen, Diaspora, FTL, Maia, and numerous others grabbing our attention, StarDrive is managing to separate itself from the pack with a cast of characters more at home on Noah’s Ark than out in the far reaches of the galaxy.

There are bears, owls, and what looks to be a sentient shrubbery in the latest trailer.

Giving you direct command of ships which you’ve designed yourself, StarDrive looks a little like a more hands-on version of Gratuitous Space Battles. Mainly in that you’ll be seeing off vast fleets of enemy ships, all viewed through a top-down perspective (all the better to see the space fill with lasers and flak).

What the video doesn’t show, though is meant to be a large part of the game, is that you’ll be tasked with expanding your space empire, not just through combat, by terraforming and forging diplomatic alliances. May be best to opt for the bear race over the owls, if Winnie the Pooh has taught me anything it’s that while Owls may be right clever-clogs they won’t ever get their way when a bear’s involved.

You can currently preorder a copy of StarDrive through Steam with the game’s full release scheduled for 19 April.