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Stealth Bastard is getting a sequel, but PC is being dumped for the Wii U

Stealth Bastard sequel Wii U exclusive

Tricky 2D stealth platformer Stealth Bastard was a cracking title developed by Curve for PC in 2011. In 2013 it spread to Mac, Linux, mobile devices and eventually Sony devices. It changed its name the significantly more bland Stealth Inc. because you can’t say bastard in the PS store. 

It’s great, you should play it, and luckily we’re getting a sequel. Hold your horses, though, because it’s an exclusive. And not to any of the platforms the original appeared on. Stealth Inc. 2 is only coming to the Wii U.

“We love Nintendo and we want to give Iwata a hug,” said Curve’s managing director Jason Perkins and design director Jonathan Biddle in an interview with IGN.

The developer was approached by Nintendo to bring the original to Nintendo platforms, but it was already being worked on for Sony and Curve didn’t have the time. Since Wii U owners didn’t get Stealth Bastard, they’ll be the only ones to get Stealth Inc 2. How egalitarian.

Perkins explained that one of the deciding factors, beyond the team lovingNintendo and wanting to use the gamepad controller, was that there’s a less crowded market with the Wii U. “Whenever a Wii U game gets announced, people clamber all over it,” Perkins admitted to IGN. “We really feel being a bigger part of that smaller selection of titles could be good for us. We will be doing other Wii U games as well. To really, properly give Iwata a hug. We’re not nervous. It’s a good decision for us.”

It seems like shaky logic. The smaller selection of titles is one of the reasons Nintendo has only shifted about 6 million Wii U consoles. PCs, on the other hand, are everywhere, while Sony’s platforms include the PS3, with 80 million units sold, and the PS4, with 7 million. The platforms are crowded, sure, but they also have lots of customers.

Cheers IGN.