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Strike Suit Zero launches Kickstarter to fund last leg of development; mod tools announced as stretch goal


Those of you who frequent these parts of the internet have probably picked up by now that we like space, I mean really like space. I count space among my closest friends, and that’s a pretty tight knit group: it’s space and Garth Marenghi. So we can’t help but bring your attention to Strike Suit Zero and its new Kickstarter Campaign.

PC Gamer spotted the launch of Strike Suit Zero’s crowd funding bidwhich is asking for $100,000, not to start the game but to complete it.

Space combatfocused, ship that can transform into a mech at the drop of a… (what’s that thing on sale in Team Fortress 2?) and big ol’ capital ships withexplosions to match.

Strike Suit Zero’s been in development for a while now, and is nearly complete, Born Ready Games need, er, a little money to get the game ready for its birth.

They’ve already raised more than half of their target and so, as is traditional, have announced a stretch goal: should they reach $130,000, Born Ready Games will release mod tools allowing you”to create your own missions – your own campaign – and share them with the community.” There’s no mention of whether you will be able to add your own content into the engine, however.

There are still 25 days left on the project’s clock, though with $20 netting you a copy of the game, this iserringon the cheaper side of Kickstarters.

As ever, this isn’t an endorsement – though the game looks pretty, bloody cool – this would be an endorsement: