The stunning vistas of The Long Dark

The Long Dark screenshots

Hinterland’s survival exploration game, The Long Dark, has a lot of things going for it. There are the voice talents of David Hayter, Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale; a team comprised of industry vets who have worked on Baldur’s Gate, Far Cry 3, Unfinished Swan and God of War; and it’s a freeform, ambiguous, open-world game of surviving a harsh wilderness after a global disaster. 

It’s also very, very pretty. Watercolour skies look down on stunning landscapes with more than a hint of a comic book aesthetic. Do your eyeballs a solid and look at some new screens below. 

Hinterland has also just put together a community forum, which you can go and browse right this very second if you are so inclined.

More information on The Long Dark is due soon, and Hinterland plans to make an announcement regarding alpha pre-orders and release dates in the coming months.