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Sui Generis footage shows 12 minutes of sword swinging fun times

Sui Generis Bare Mettle

It’s been a year since we’ve seen anything of Sui Generis. When I saw it in action during the game’s Kickstarter campaign its exceedingly impressive fighting animation system and physics left me a little stunned. They still look good today.

Well, in the 12 months since the campaign successfully concluded developer Bare Mettle have been filling the game with content and squashing bugs left and right.  They’re now ready to show another 12 minutes of footage of the game in action.

Explaining the delay on getting the video out, Bare Mettle wrote “During development it’s easy to dismiss many glitches and other issues due to things being unfinished and as you know we are developing all technology in house. As we endeavoured to make this video we became determined to solve every issue we encountered rather than avoiding them or using temporary workarounds. We are after all making a game, not just videos. The game is now very stable, the performance is solid and we removed every glitch we could find.

“While the game still deserves many tweaks and improvements, and we want to continue improving it almost indefinitely, we feel we’ve reached a good level of quality and functionality. We’ve avoided showing some aspects of the game that we don’t feel are complete enough yet but we tried to convey the spirit of the game in the video’s narrative.”

Older Kickstarter updates make for fascinating reads. Because of the physics engine running under Sui stats are handled differently from other games. All the animations are derived from the power a character wields so +1 strength will alter the way a character moves and how other characters react to them: “It’s taken us some time to design and test a stat system that would work well,” they write. “Weapons in particular are tricky because their shape and size alone have a huge impact on gameplay and character animations. Just the distribution of the mass of a weapon (this is accurate and based on the 3D mesh and can also be tweaked) can completely change how a character effectively wields it. We need to use the weapon’s inherent physical qualities and allow them to interact with character skills and physique realistically, we also need to provide the player with an intuitive yet accurate overview of a weapon’s qualities. We think the fact that every weapon feels and plays differently is great. We’re thrilled with what we’ve come up with and you’ll be able to see all this in game.”

I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Sui. The story and setting is generic but the engine could make this a unique game.

Cheers, PC Gamer.