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Super Meat Boy prank call is why you shouldn’t try to scam Team Meat


The bad news is there’s unlikely to be a Super Meat Boy movie made any time soon. The good news is that Team Meat have uploaded a phone call where someone tries to get money from them to pitch it to film producers. It doesn’t go too well for him, hilariously.

The deal that the guy is proposing is that Team Meat hire him to produce a treatment of the Super Meat Boy movie, one that he then pitches to film companies. Considering, as the call goes on, it turns out the guy doesn’t know who the characters in the game are, his qualification for this project is doubtful.

Spotting this, Team Meat have some fun with him:

There are many a golden moment in the clip, from the time they call Steam “small time” in comparison to Direct2Drive. When they claim that Xbox One is involved in some really dark “child pornography realm” type stuff. Or where McMillen tries to claim that ‘Art’ is ‘car’ backwards.