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SuperHot’s a shooter which only moves when you do. Cue awesome bullet time


No shooter mechanic has managed to top bullet time for imbuing a scene with a sense of awesome. Considering Max Payne did that more than ten years ago all shooter developers should make a sad face.

SuperHot doesn’t replace bullet time but it does develop it.

It’s free, too, so there’s no reason not to play it and feel awesome this evening.

SuperHot’s simple. The game is playing in super slow motion when you stand still. When you move the world speeds up. While your enemies lineup to shoot you to shribbons you need only stand still to spot the trajectory of their bullets, plan a path to safety, and execute it. After letting off a perfect headshot, of course.

You can play it here.

It’s only a short game, more of an experiment in mechanics than anything but it’s pulled off with aplomb. The minimalist aesthetic, too, shares something with Frozen Synapse (another game that drips awesome). All those whites are stark reds give the game a sense of extreme clarity.

Play it. Play it now, dammit.

Thanks, Dan Pryce.