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SuperHotCakes: time-ambivalent FPS is fastest Greenlit game on Steam


Countless traffic light lollies populate Valve’s office, and today 24 of them have been licked so that they’re now a sticky, uniform green. Each of those 24 represent a game that’s now officially on its way to the Steam Store, thanks to a bit of groundswelling on the part of their respective communities. Among them are ‘ManCraft’ game Mount Your Friends, Bugbear’s Next Car Game and SuperHot – the latter of which only arrived on Greenlight at the weekend.

SuperHot is an FPS in which time only moves when you do. Like all the best action games (see: Dishonored), it allows you to play as if it’s turn-based – only, you decide the length of the turns. Ponder your next move, and then shoot a running man in the head in a fashion you couldn’t possibly pull off in real-time.

“Thanks to your AMAZING support we passed Steam Greenlight in mere five days! It was really SUPER. FAST. SUPER. FAST,” said its developers, characteristically.

“We’re very excited about that, but ahead of us lies an even greater task – right now we have to make this game happen.”

Er, yes. It’s hard to know exactly how SuperHot should happen – it’ll require its own Jon Blow to build the sort of puzzles its central idea deserves.

Here’s the rest of today’s lucky bunch:




Gosh: indie games have a monopoly on the best names, don’t they?

Cheers, MCV.