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Take on Mars update will add dynamic mission generator, zero-G probe, and more


Bohemia Interactive are busy bodies, aren’t they? They’ve just released Arma 3, they’re still working on DayZ’s standalone release, and we’ve just learned that Arma Tactics is due for a Steam release next month. On top of all that they’re due to release a huge update for Take On Mars on 3 October.

Oh, and they’ve gone and filled the game with trading cards.

The Deimos update will be released on 3 October. It’s a free upgrade and two new locations anda zero-g probe (for probing things in zero-g).

There are some new features, too. A dynamic mission generator will keep you entertained with new missions. Also, the part failure system and dynamic weather system have been rejigged.

When the update goes live the price of the game will go from £9 to £12. So, if Tim’s take on Take on Mars tempts you, it’d be worth picking it up from Steam’s Early Access pages sharpish.

Separate from the Deimos update was a set of trading cards released earlier today. According to the press release, badges crafted from the cards can offer discount rewards. That’s nice of them.