Tale of Tales’ An Empty World looks pretty busy with ideas, actually


Tale of Tales – or as my brain frustratingly insists on mislabelling them, Telltale of Traveller’s Tales – are IGF award-winning developers, but call themselves directors. That’s indicative of an approach to game-making that sees them frequently at the wrong end of detractors’ pitchforks, labelled as enemies of interactivity – pure storytellers in a medium some would prefer left unstoried.

I can’t tell you whether An Empty World will help dispel or reinforce that reputation. But I can tell you it has a small bird in it, and the music of Dear Esther’s Jessica Curry.

This teaser was shown at the Independent Games Summit in Cologne, before it flapped its way out of an open window and onto Vimeo:

An Empty World is penciled in for release in 2015, which suggests a scope far beyond that of The Path or The Graveyard, the games ToT are best known for. Colour me intrigued, and then draw in a single raised eyebrow. And a lovely, long beard, like the ones I can’t seem to grow.

Do you know, that world actually looks quite full?