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Tangiers takes to Kickstarter to fund its surrealist stealth shenanigans


Tangiers is a stealth quite unlike any other. While it’s been informed by the Thief series its surrealist stylings makes it into a different beast. Levels reform themselves based on your behaviour, you use enemy’s words as weapons, and William S. Burrough’s cut up technique has been applied to create a fractured inorganic world.

We covered the game a couple of months ago but it’s now turned up on Kickstarter and you should take note.

Tangiers puts you into the shoes of a weakened being that must kidnap or kill particular folk living on an alien world. Hence all the sneaking about and dark devilry of the game. However, in a manner similar to Dishonored, the game responds to how you go about this. Violent playthroughs result in more aggressive and invasive guards. A stealth approach sees levels being reorganised to minimise the shadowy areas and increase the challenge of avoiding the eyeballs of your enemies.

Developer Andalusian have released a short video showing the game’s stealth mechanics, it’s looking mighty tense already, despite being pre-alpha:

More videos showing off the game’s key features are set to follow through the month.

The team are looking for £35,000 which will be used to feed and shelter the two developers for a year. It will also go to paying their freelancers and buying software licenses. Considering the ambition and stylings of Tangiers I’d love to see Andalusion hit their goal, this could be a fantastic game, even just as a conceptual experiment. Though it will likely need all the help it can get, this sort of project from an unknown and untested team could be easily overlooked.

So, don’t waste any time, head on over to Kickstarter and read more about the project before giving them all your money.