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Team 17 partners up with Dlala Studios on Overruled, a “Worms-like” 2D multiplayer brawler


Team 17 and London-based indie developer Dlala Studios are teaming up on 2D multiplayer brawler Overruled, due out later this year. 

It’s being described as “Worms-like” by Team 17 and sounds a bit loopy, with players able to change the rules of a match while still playing. Deathmatch can be turned into King of the Hill, or a free-for-all can transformed into a team battle. Madness.

“It’s absolutely mind blowing for us to be able to announce a partnership with Team17,” said Aj Grand-Scrutton CEO and Craig Thomas CCO at Dlala Studios. “We’ve known some of the guys for a couple of years and have been playing their games for a couple of decades. They are the perfect partner for Overruled! They understand same room multiplayer better than most and they have a real desire to help us succeed as a studio.”

Players are promised a diverse roster of characters to play with in local and online multiplayer arena brawls, and the only goal is to accumulate the most points by the end of the match. It’s the inclusion of 20 dynamic rule change cards that mixes things up.

“Overruled! simply has the potential to be a very successful real-time Worms-like game, and working together we can make this happen,” said Team17’s managing director Debbie Bestwick.