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Terraria 1.2 trailer shows giant bee. Fear it. Fear the bee


Bees are right bastards, it’s well known. Sure, they make us scrumptious honey but they have to be smoke bombed before we can get at it. Any farm animal that needs to be smoke bombed is a dangerous beast.

Terraria’s 1.2 patch adds a big ol’ bee to the 2D explore’em’up. Great.

We learned last week that Terraria’s long awaited 1.2 update will finally be released on 1 October. While we still don’t have a full feature list, the new trailer shows off a wealth of new items, bosses, tilesets, and a biome or two. The closest we have to patch notes are what’s been compiled by the Terraria community. They’ve trawled forums, dev blogs, and footage to create this list.

It sounds like this is going to be a huge update to the game. It may well also be its last. The developers have largely moved onto other projects and they won’t confirm a commitment to expanding the game beyond the 1.2 patch.