Towerfall release slips to 2014 but now coming with level editor

TowerFall Matt Thorson

We knew Towerfall was on its way to PC. It was originally due out later this year but that plan’s had to change. Instead, the game is now due for a January 2014 release.

The reason for the delay in the PC release is because developer Matt Thorson is working on a huge batch of new content for the game. There’s two new archers and five new towers for a start.

With each new tower being made of ten different layouts we’re essentially looking at 50 new levels in practice.

There are new weapons, too. There’s a drill arrow which can be fired through walls at your enemies.

The level editor will be tied up to Steam Workshop so you can look forward to lots of new towers being shared among players.

Cheers, Shack News.