Towns patch adds events and day night cycle. Prepare for night time raids


Towns had a premise far better than what was in the game at launch. You’re the mayor of a small town built above a dungeon of evil. You need to build taverns to attract heroes who will then delve deep into the dark and return with booty and cash to spend in your town. Many features were lacking, though, and the game felt too thin.

With each passing update its skeleton is fleshed out and its problems excised. The latest patch adds variety to the game with random events. Your soldiers now level up, too.

There’s also some key changes to the interface which the game’s been in dire need of.

It may not sound like a great deal but the random events should push the sandbox game into more varied territory. As it is, once you’ve found the most efficient town style it’s easy not to deviate. Random events should keep you on your toes and force you to react to the world in a way the game didn’t previously.

It may not sound wild but the interface changes should be a great help. Particularly, the new mouse will make selecting tiles on different levels more easy.

Towns will update to v14 automatically through Steam.

Here’s the full change log:

  • Add: Events
  • Add: Item rotation (right click / rotate for already built items. For items you are building, hit the key ‘F’ to select which direction it should face
  • Add: Townies will carry the newly created items (wood when chop, manufactured items, …) to a nearby stockpile/container before performing another task
  • Add: Locked items can be unlocked using the contextual menu
  • Add: Soldiers level up
  • Add: Page number on the splitted menus
  • Add: New white fence, bone wall and bone roof
  • Add: Cave dungeon entrances from the edges (underground sieges can spawn from there)
  • Add: New audio files (caravan, immigrants and hero arrivals, shrine, events)
  • Add: An option to hide the user interface (default key: U)
  • Add: An option to take a screenshot (default key: F8)
  • Add: Some heroes need specific items in their rooms in order to join your town
  • Add: Average happiness needed to receive immigrants added to the UI
  • Typo: ‘human remains’ for ‘human corpse’ on the shrine action names
  • Change: New 3D mouse, now the user will select easily the cell he is pointing at
  • Change: New 2D mouse, now some cubes will appear to show when the mouse is on air (toggable from the game options)
  • Change: New graphics for zombies, direwolves, weretiger and golems
  • Change: Smaller clock item
  • Change: Bone torch now is build on the carving bench
  • Change: Underground sieges spawning is limited to the edges
  • Change: Mod loader now unloads the main menu texture and loads the modded one (if exists)
  • Change: Heroes wounded won’t go explore again until they recover the full health
  • Typo: Verbs used when shooting arrows changed from “stick” to “shoot”
  • Typo: Taunting trunk “headpunch” verb changed to “headbutt”
  • Typo: “Hanging lamps” instead of “Hanged lamps”
  • Fix: Heroes stop their path if they see a better item to equip
  • Fix: Stuck trading items on merchant transactions
  • Fix: Menu splitting on some circunstances, showing different menu sizes
  • Fix: Caravans leaving the town when there are still transactions in place
  • Fix: Bug on the autoproduction panel with actions that can use several benches (fire, low fire, stove…)
  • Fix: Now the server functions doesn’t allow some special characters
  • Fix: The Nuxcrown level 3 happiness is fixed
  • Modders: The internal mod loader now allows the modification and deletion of the stock panel tags (matspanel.xml)
  • Modders: New events.xml file. The instructions of how to script it are inside the file.
  • Modders: New gods.xml file. The instructions of how to script it are inside the file.
  • Modders: New entries on the audio.ini file.
  • Modders: tags on actions.xml now accept audio IDs without a loop counter.
  • Modders: New LOSPCT tag on the effects.xml. It modifies the line of sight of the livings.
  • Modders: New tag on actions.xml. Used to increase or decrease the god happiness (status) when townies perform actions.
  • Modders: New tag on items.xml. The item with this tag won’t die until it has all those items around.
  • Modders: New tag on items.xml. Used with . Is the radius where the game checks.
  • Modders: New tag on effects.xml. Is a list of effects needed on the living in order to spawn the current effect.
  • Modders: New tag on heroes.xml. Is a list of items needed by an hero on his room to join the town.