Triple Town comes to PC. Warning: the bears will destroy you


Triple Town has made the jump from mobile devices to our humble PCs and you should really give it a go, so long as you’re able to live with the hours of your life it will take from your still twitching fingers.

It may seem like a little thing, unimportant, small-fry or, dare I use the wording of the day,casual but Triple Town is a tiny slice of fantastic game. It takes the classic match three formula of Bejewelled and gives it a little twist making the game exponentially more compelling.

At itscore is an empty field, delineated by an invisible grid, each turn you have to place a randomly givenobject – a bush, tree, house, etc – if you can create a line of three of the same object they merge into a single object, the next one up in the hierarchy of things. So three bushes merge into a tree, three trees into a house, and so on.

You’ll soon be planning ways to build the higher and higher ranked buildings, each needing more and more steps to create. Getting to the point where you’ve built three floating castleandmanaged to place them next to each other will have taken along time.

Then there’s the twist. Bears.

Bears are one of the random objects that you have to place. Except unlock the bushes and the trees, every time you take a run, placing a new object, they move. Sometimes getting in the way of where you want to place an object.

The bearswill fuck you. You know they will, you will prepare for it, but they will do it anyway. There you are, about to matchthree houses, when the bear steps into the free spot, ruining your carefully laid out plan.

They’re a pain to kill too. You have to trap them. You need to surround them with objects so they can’t more anywhere, this turns them into a gravestone. Of course, this means you now have a gravestone blocking part of your grid, the only ways to get rid of it are buying an item that will clear the space, or getting two other gravestones next to it to turn it into a church.

It’s a brilliant game and completely addictive.

You can check it out on Steam here.

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