Unity of Command Red Turn DLC listed in Steam database, release impending


We knew that Unity of Command’s DLC Red Turn was due before the end of the year, but with no new information forthcoming and no release date set it would have been fair to think it might have quietly slipped into the new year. That would be to ignore the new listing in the Steam directory, suggesting the new campaign for the hard as nails strategy title may be out as early as this week.

The listing was added earlier this morningand provides very little information beyond confirming the tile as “Unity of Command – Red Turn DLC”.

If you’re not familiar with Unity of Command, Rob described it as “one of the most diabolical wargames I’ve ever played.

“Unity of Command is built around a single idea: warfare comes down to supply lines. When units are fully fueled and armed, they strike with all their combat power. But the moment supplies start running low, they punch below their weight. That’s about as complicated as Unity of Command gets: when a unit runs low on supplies, it stops using all its combat power.”

This is being developed in the Red Turn DLC, which pushes the combat front out into the bulge of Kursk.

So look forward to some brain-bending strategy in the near future.

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