War for the Overworld to be narrated by Richard Ridings, the voice of the mentor from Dungeon Keeper


Subterranean Games have managed to get Richard Ridings to reprise his role as the mentor from Dungeon Keeper in their spiritual successor to the series, War for the Overworld.

More below (not much more mind, that really is the nitty gritty of the news but I can offer you Youtube videos).

Despite falling short of the necessary funds to hire the actor when their Kickstarter completed earlier this week, Subterranean have continued to receive funds through preorders through their site. These sales pushed them over the bar:

Sound familiar:

More likely you know him as the voice of Daddy Pig:

Disclaimer: I have backed War for the Overworld and you may think this would make me biased. It probably does. I just hope that, despite by clear lack of integrity, you can filter out the necessary facts from this post despite my failings, the fact that Richard Ridings is both the voice of the dark demon lord of Dungeon Keeper’s mentorand Peppa Pig’s dad.