Wasteland 2 opening movie gets you up to speed with the apocalypse

wasteland 2 inxile

Wasteland 2, one of the big Kickstarter successes, is nearing completion. Set for release in August the team have put the finishing touches on the RPG’s opening video. They’re so proud of it they can’t wait till August to show it off, instead publishing it on Youtube for the world to see.

It gets players up to speed with the nuclear apocalypse that kicks off events in the Wasteland games.

I do love a fake newsreel.

InXile have teased into that video a few of the things which define Wasteland. Cannibals, yes, but also the loss of a party member. Something that still sets Wasteland apart from other RPGs, despite now being 25 years old, is that everyone in your party was able to die. And from death there was no return.

As your party of desert rangers is thinned down you’ll need to take on board new recruits. These may be less savoury types, bandits, rapists, or mutated sheep farmers. The ne’er do wells can refuse orders, keep a firm grip on their equipment, and generally be untrusting.

Wasteland 2 is aiming for an August release and, for those of us who weren’t in the beta, this will be the first chance to see how successful InXile have been in reviving a 25 year old game for a sequel.