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Witchmarsh has you and your friends recruit a team of investigators and head into the swamp


Something dark’s going on deep in Witchmarsh, folk are going missing and it’s up to you to work out what’s going on. You’re going to have to assemble a team and investigate. You’ll need strength, so you best bring that fella who only talks in Wingdings, Moose; oh, and don’t forget the innkeeper, she’s a brawler who can help you out in a scrap; and if ever you spirits are low you’ll want to call on the bard for a tune.

It’s still in development now but when it’s ready to play you and three friends will be free to dive in.

“It’s structured like a semi-linear RPG (Baldur’s Gate), but we’re throwing in some randomly generated elements, such as monster spawns and explorable mini-dungeons determined by a dice-roll,” Lou Sgarbi told Indiestatik. “One of the ideas we had was to allow the player to plant rare time-seeds, granting a re-roll on the randomly generated zones. There will also be lots of optional and forked content to give the players some freedom whilst working their way through the plot.

“We’re also keen on making sure things like single-character playthroughs are a possibility for those gamers who want an extreme challenge, and we’re thinking about a hardcore mode option being unlockable later in.”

There are 12 playable characters to choose from. You can only have four in your team so that’s an incentive to play through a couple of times. They level up and unlock perks, developing their skills to become more useful in the wild.

The team are currently gearing up for a Kickstarter campaign which they plan on launching late this year or in the first months of 2014.