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Wurm Online back online following DDOS attack. €10,000 bounty still up for grabs

wurm online pc ddos attack

Do you picture yourself as a bounty hunter? Leaping from tree to tree in subtropical Africa, knife between your teeth as you pursue a Bounty as it attempts to flee through the undergrowth? Almost unable to contain your desire to feed on its soft, chocolate skin and coconut filled body?

What do you mean it’s not that sort of bounty? Oh, right. A bounty. Wurm Online’s creators have put a  €10,000 bounty out on information that leads to the conviction of the person who brought down their game with a DDOS attack.

Writing earlier this week, just after MMO Wurm Online’s latest update, Rolf Jansson wrote “we were the target of a DDOS attack and our hosting provider had to pull us off the grid for now. We will be back as soon as possible but things are out of our hands since their other customers are affected. As we wrote in a previous news post we are planning on changing hosting anyways which should improve things for the future.

“We can offer 10 000 Euro for any tips or evidence leading to a conviction of the person responsible for this attack.”

The good news is that since then the developers have moved Wurm Online to new servers. “The upside of this is that the new servers would mean better overall performance, capacity and stability for Wurm.We will also be getting better downtime response.” The game is completely playable now.

No reports from the bounty hunters now scouring the earth for that delectable chocolate, though.