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You can’t keep a good goat down: Goat Simulator coming to Steam

Goat Simulator coming to Steam

Goats deserve their time in the sun, so often hidden in the shadow of more popular farm animals like pigs and sheep. Goat Simulator made the world sit up and recognise the importance of goats and their unusual, physics-defying abilities. But it was only a prototype, a tease, and the world had to search for real goats to entertain themselves with.

But no more! Put down that goat! Because Goat Simulator is getting a full release on Steam. And it’s probably going to be the best game about goats you’ve ever played. 

Initially, Goat Simulator was the product of an internal game jam at Sanctum’s Coffee Stain Studios, just a bit of a lark. But that was before goats became a global focus, more important the the Winter Olympics, even.

It comes with bugs, physics gone mad and the ability to lick things. You can’t ask for much more than that. You can pre-order it now, for $9.99,directly from Coffee Stain Studios and get three days of early access just before it launches on Steam.

Cheers, NeoGAF.