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Youtube have rejected Terry Cavanagh's copyright appeal on his own game

VVVVVV Terry Cavanagh

Back in December Terry Cavanagh, developer of VVVVVV received a strange message from Youtube; they’d taken down the trailer for his game because they said it infringed on copyright for a song he owned. An odd mistake for Youtube to make but they’re a huge company and mistakes are made.

Cavanagh filed an appeal.

A month on and Youtube responded, rejecting his claim.

This was the original problem back in December:

And now:

Cavanagh owns the rights to use the SoulEye music in VVVVVV yet someone has filed a copyright claim against the video anyway. Despite being the game’s creator, video uploader, and rights holder Youtube has sided with the complainant instead of him. A ridiculous situation.

We’ve emailed Youtube for comment.

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Dog Pants Avatar
4 Years ago

You could argue that being given rights to use the music in the game doesn't equate to rights to use it in a Youtube video, but I'm playing devil's advocate here really. It is ridiculous, and a good example of how mind-bogglingly counterproductive copyright is in its current state.

Gwathdring Avatar
4 Years ago

This isn't the "current state" of copyright. This is the current state of Youtube. According to IP law, Mr. Cavanagh has every right to distribute the video; the "current state" of copyright is not what has prevented him from doing that.

Shoom Avatar
4 Years ago

"An odd mistake for Youtube" No it isn't. It happens all the time. INDmusic who made the claim are infamous for making claims for music they do not own. They are basically stealing youtube ad revenue. Techdirt have posted news about this so called content licensing company many times..

Shriven Avatar
4 Years ago


Cant wait for all the decent content creators to leave for Vemeo. Don't think that's not gonna happen.

OurMutualFiend Avatar
4 Years ago

That's a wonderful double negative you've got there.

But... I very much doubt everyone will ever convert over to Vimeo, for the same reasons that Google Plus has failed to be successful: YouTube has way too big of an already installed user base, people attached to their networks and their accounts and their habbits to uproot and start over on a site which currently lacks the same volume and diversity of content creators.

Even though Vimeo probably does offer a better service, it'll just never happen because they'll never be able to convert the billion or so users that YouTube has acquired.