Side-scrolling RPG Indivisible is almost funded on Indiegogo, has a free prototype


Skullgirls developers Lab Zero are edging closer to the $1.5 million funding target on Indiegogo required to produce Indivisible, a side-scrolling role player with the developer’s trademark aesthetic. The game’s currently sitting at $1,128,416 with ten days to go, so it’s well on track. If it reaches the target, publisher 505 Games chip in another $2 million. However if it doesn’t, Indivisible doesn’t get made.

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Lab Zero just released an update video onIndivisible’s Indiegogo page to let you all know that they’re busy tinkering with the hand-drawn Metroidvania RPG, adding new gameplay systems and mechanics on top of those in the playable prototype. Which, by the way, you can download for free on that same page.

If it hits its crowdfunding target, Indivisible’s combined development budget will hit $3.5 million – a decent wad of cash, then. Divinity: Original Sin 2, for example, made just over $2 million on Kickstarter, though it’s unclear precisely how much money from its predecessor’s sales is contributing to Larian’s dev budget.

Fraser covered Indisible back when it launched on Indiegogo, noting the inspiratons it draws from Valkyrie Profile and the DNA evident from Lab Zero’s previous title, Skullgirls. It’s a fighting game, sure, but you can see it in Indivisble’s combat animations and character design clear as day.

On a side note, I once played a few games of Skullgirls with studio CEO Peter Bartholow.It did not go well.