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Classic, realistic city builder makes its return in Industry Giant 4.0

Industry Giant 4.0 sees the return of the late ‘90s city building tycoon series, with a focus on production lines and resource management.

Classic city-building game gets a modern successor in Industry Giant 4.0 - A large factory and warehouse by a quarry and a river.

With Cities Skylines 2 still trying to find its feet and the idea of a new SimCity seemingly a pipe dream, there’s a gap in the market for a more realistic management simulation of modern towns and cities. While the likes of Manor Lords and the upcoming Frostpunk 2 offer plenty of that satisfying city-building action, sometimes you crave that modern grittiness that only the reassuring rumble and churn of everyday industry can provide. Enter Industry Giant 4.0, the return of the iconic late ‘90s and early ‘00s series.

Making its grand comeback under the new helm of publishing house Toplitz Productions and the Munich-based developer Don vs Dodo, Industry Giant 4.0 is being featured as part of the ‘Games Made in Germany’ Steam showcase. A new gameplay trailer gives us a look at the city-building game in action, and it’s shaping up to satisfy a lot of those familiar road planning and micromanagement cravings.

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As its name suggests, the primary focus of Industry Giant is on the business and workflow elements of your city. That means it’s less about satisfying citizens and instead leans into organizing your supply chains, the efficiency of your factories and warehouses, and the transportation networks that bring them all together.

Factors such as weather and other local crises will force your hand at times, testing your ability to respond smartly to the challenges and distribute your resources effectively to plan for what lies ahead. You’ll also have to deal with shifting global events and react to the world state as you determine where you’re going to place your business focus in order to grow from a small-scale visionary into a tycoon at the top of the global market.

Industry Giant 4.0 - A city built between a mountain and the water.

Industry Giant 4.0 is set to launch in 2024 via Steam Early Access. For now, you can wishlist it to keep track of its development and receive a notification when it releases, or request access to join future playtests.

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