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Steam’s most ambitious zombie survival game is cheaper than ever

With a unique spin on the Dying Light, DayZ, and Dead Island formula, one of the most ambitious zombie survival games is cheaper than ever.

a small cul-de-sac being defended from zombies

If you want to go on holiday but can’t quite afford it, an alternative just became cheaper than ever before. Putting a unique twist on the likes of DayZ, Dying Light, and Dead Island 2, Infection Free Zone is a zombie game that lets you choose any real-world location to start your base. You convert existing buildings into headquarters or shelters, then build up your walls and establish a safezone to attract more survivors.

Infection Free Zone is unlike most survival games because you get to play in any real place in the world. I’m obviously going to pick London, because that’s where I was born, and I can’t wait to build a perimeter around my favorite streets and start scavenging my friend’s house for supplies. The game uses OpenStreetMap to generate maps with the actual buildings and layouts of the area you pick, so get creative and maybe go for your dream holiday destination, or let your very own city become overrun with the undead.

By day, you build up your defenses, establishing a safezone to attract other survivors. You scavenge for supplies, transform buildings into shelters and other useful structures, construct walls, farm food, and prepare for the night. Once the sun sets, the savage zombies are let loose upon you and will try to overcome your defenses to get at the tasty humans inside.

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The game recently got a massive free update, too, making it even more worthwhile to pick up now. The update adds new features such as gear for added survivor defense and offense, regrowing trees, greenhouses to help manage your food supplies, and babies to keep your population topped off.

Infection Free Zone is now on sale, cheaper than ever at $19.99 / £15.99, down from $24.99 / £19.99 until Thursday June 20. You can buy it right here.

If you’ve already got it or you just fancy something else, there are plenty of other zombie games for you to get. Or, you could try out some other city building games.

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