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Infinite Crisis heading into open beta; introduces Mecha Superman, Green Arrow and Aquaman

Infinite Crisis open beta

Dust off the old spandex, stretch out that lasso of truth, wash your over-the-trousers underpants: Turbine’s DC MOBA, Infinite Crisis is moving to open beta on Friday, March 14th. 

Open beta’s going to make not just the battlefields of the DC universe a wee bit busier, the roster is getting fleshed out two. Mecha Superman, Green Arrow and everyone’s favourite punching bag Aquaman have all been revealed. 

Mecha Supes is a fusion of Kryptonian technology and Clark Kent’s – his creator – agricultural robot. He’s an absurdly big enforcer with attack and armour buffs and lots of health regen. He’s also a dab hand at smashing foes with his gigantic drill.

Green Arrow has great abs. That’s not a superpower, merely an observation I’m making based on my TV vice, Arrow. In Infinite Crisis, he’s an acrobatic, ranged combatant who employs multiple stances which enhance his agility and attacks, and switching between them gives him special arrows to deploy.

Aquaman can talk to dolphins.

As well as the new champions, open beta will let players check out the new tri-lane map, Gotham Divided, where Gotham City and its Gaslight (steampunk) variant have been smooshed together.

You’ll be able to download the client from here, next week.