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Infinite Crisis trailer sees Turbine talk the possibilities of the DC Multiverse (there are lots, obvs)


I don’t like what this says about you, or me, or the game development paradigm programmers perfected and automated in the ‘90s before resolving to drink cocktails in their offices for the remainder of their careers: but you’d be hard-pressed to name a competitive online game that couldn’t be adequately renamed ‘Infinite Crisis’. Perpetual wars, all of them, fought endlessly at DEFCON 5.555 recurring (and of them, only Team Fortress 2 has successfully satirised that fact).

What the title doesn’t quite manage to convey is the unique appeal of Warner Bros. and Turbine’s MOBA: kill Batman as Batman.

“Infinite Crisis is kind of my dream project,” says creative director Cardell Kerr in his new trailer. “It is a world where you can take all the DC heroes you knew and love and see their twisted reflections, their dark mirrors, their idealised versions – all of them on the same page.”

As the apparently “contentious” issue of assigning League of Legends champions ages and the fallout of Trundle’s relaunch has proved, MOBA players really do care about their avatars beyond their outfits and ultimates. Which makes the DC Multiverse the perfect laned playground, I suppose.

Turbine seem to be enjoying wrestling with the problem of “telling the same character’s stories in multiple different ways” – and even have the luxury of infusing their item list with historical meaning unavailable to their competitors. Faced with Two-Face’s coin, mentioned in the video, players are instantly going to be able to take a good guess at what stats it might modify.

That said, that huge luminous jet the Green Lantern summons perhaps isn’t the most subtle reminder of his test pilot backstory Turbine could muster. Perhaps more nuanced fan service lies beneath the cape this trailer only ruffles the surface of?

Thanks, VG247.