Infinite Crisis video shows off Arcane Green Lantern


It’s difficult not to like a superhero whose only weakness is the colour yellow. For that reason Green Lantern’s always had a soft spot in my heart. Unfortunately, that weakness doesn’t seem to make a showing in DC’s MOBA Infinite Crisis. 

I’ll have to make room in my heart for a superhero who can spawn a giant, green crystal knight, instead. That’s what the game’s newest hero, Arcane Green Lantern, can muster.

See him and his giant green knight at work in this summary video:

I’ve not yet had a chance to play Infinite Crisis but it’s certainly an attractive prospect with the wealth of characters DC is able to draw from.

Plus, the opportunity to have two teams of various Green Lanterns all fighting one another is a little excellent.

Arcane Green Lantern will be added to Infinite Crisis’ roster on 16 September.

You can sign up to the closed beta here.