Infinite Crisis’ Atomic Poison Ivy has a lot of legs and anger issues

Infinite Crisis' Atomic Poison Ivy revealed

As an adolescent, I had a significant crush on Poison Ivy, specifically her Batman: The Animated Series incarnation. Atomic Poison Ivy, Infinite Crisis’ newest champion, has well and truly killed that part of my childhood. Wandering around the battlefields of Turbine’s MOBA on four tentacle-like vines, she’s a brutal enforcer and just a wee bit scary.

Thanks, nuclear war, you’ve ruined Poison Ivy. 

Atomic Poison Ivy has a bunch of AoE abilities, many of which apply toxic growth, increasing the damage output of her attacks. She’s also got roots, DoTs, buffs for allies and speed boosts, and Turbine’s trailer has a few handy hints for how to best employ her deadly skills and how best to gear her.

I’ve now heard “toxic growth” so many times it’s ceased to make any sense.