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Infinite Crisis video introduces Harley Quinn, the pudding-throwing psychopath

Infinite Crisis Turbine

Harley Quinn is one of the most famous characters in the DC universe. Till now, though, there’s been a noticeable mad hammer-swinging supervillain gap in Infinite Crisis’ roster of villains.

The gap’s soon to be closed. Infinite Crisis’ next champion will be the Joker’s far better half: Harley Quinn.

Turbine have revealed she will be a ranged support character who’s armed with pies and a mallet. They’ve broken down her abilities and the best tactics for playing her on the battlefield in this new champion spotlight:

Quinn’s abilities are as follows:

Passive: BFFS

After using a skill, Harley gains bonus Attack and Move speed for a short time. If an ally is nearby they also receive the boost.

Q: Pies!

Harley Quinn throws a delicious pie at her target, dealing Power Damage. Additionally, nearby enemies may also suffer a sweetly killer surprise.

W: Back Off

Harley Quinn smashes a target with her hammer, pushing them back and dealing Attack Damage. If the target is pushed into a wall they receive additional Attack Damage and are knocked down.

E: Best Medicine

Harley Quinn heals a targeted ally. Both she and her chosen target receive the BFFs effect.

R: Puddin’ Time

Harley Quinn smashes the ground with her hammer, dealing Power Damage in a cone. Enemies caught in the cone are knocked into the air.

Quinn’s strength lies in her positioning. Attacks like Back Off allow her to clear enemies away from her allies or, conversely, knock them into their path. Best Medicine, too, needs to be used when in the best spot. Out of position and her allies may be out of range and in danger or being killed by the enemy heroes. Finally, her Pies attack will be one to train in, it attacks the strongest nearby champion but if you aren’t in the right range you may not throw the best spread of pies – hitting lower level champions instead of the three highest in the mob.

Other sites are reporting that she will be released on the 18 November but I’ve not yet found where they’ve got this date. Hopefully they’re right, I’m looking forward to trying her out.

You can sign up for the Infinite Crisis beta here.