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Infinity: Battlescape's Kickstarter promises wars the size of solar systems and a seamless space sandbox

Infinity: Battlescape Kickstarter

Space sims are very much in vogue at the moment, so it’s not especially surprising to see another one pop up on Kickstarter. Infinity: Battlescape, a space sim that pits players against each other in a true to scale solar system has been in development in some form or another since 2006, however. 

A lot has changed since 2006, like the launch of Elite: Dangerous, the reveal of No Man’s Sky, and the absurdly successful Star Citizen crowdfunding drive -- so will Infinity still be able to stand out and impress? 

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“Infinity: Battlescape is a multiplayer space sim involving hundreds of players split across three competing corporations of the Starfold Confederacy,” explains developer I-Novae Studios, “fighting for control of a procedurally generated, true to scale solar system filled with planets, moons, asteroid belts, and other celestial phenomenon.”

Here’s what they’re trying to do: 

  • Engage 100's of players in epic space battles involving everything from small, nimble interceptors up to immense, powerful capital ships
  • Seamless interplanetary warfare across a procedurally generated, true to scale solar system
  • No loading screens! (except when the game first starts)
  • Jaw dropping visuals allow you to experience alien worlds in a way you previously could only dream of
  • Newtonian physics with different flight models for atmosphere and space
  • Offline sandbox mode for exploring and trying out different ship/weapon combinations
  • Community oriented focus with support for modding

The action won’t be restricted to space, either. Players will be able to fly across alien worlds and bombard enemy structures from space with intimidating capital ships. 

If you’ve got a spare couple of hours, why not check out the recording of the detailed livestream. 

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Infinity: Battlescape still has 27 days to make its goal of $300,000, which seems rather small. So far, just over $100,000 has been pledged.

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Esivo avatarNavyFish avatarB0GiE-uk- avatarstanscut avatar
Esivo Avatar
2 Years ago

Remember when this game was called Infinity: Quest for Earth. The videos on YouTube, that now seem ages ago, were SO amazing, so impressive. I couldn't wait for this game but it was never coming. I kept waiting though, and it's finally (almost) here. If I get around to upgrading my computer, I'll be playing this for sure.

NavyFish Avatar
2 Years ago

You're right - it's *almost* here. But funding success is not yet garunteed, so please consider backing the project so that you and I, and thousands of others have the opportunity to experience this piece of magic.

stanscut Avatar
2 Years ago

Don't wanna spoil the party, but April 2017 does not sound like its almost here. Sadly

B0GiE-uk- Avatar
2 Years ago

Already backed it for $45 and will get access for the beta. We need them to reach the $800 stretch goal for modding support. Imagine Star Wars stuff modded in to this engine! Cool!