INFRA giveaway! Win one of 100 copies of this unique new indie, worth $14.99!

INFRA giveaway

In INFRA you play a very different kind of hero. Rather than a space marine or noble knight, you instead strap on the hi-vis vest and sensibilities of a structural analyst. Surveying some building damage as part of your bland desk job, things soon go wrong as disaster turns into a fight for survival. Armed with just a camera and your knowledge of construction, can you make it through the debris?

INFRA recently released to very positive reviews, and will put you through intricate mechanical and electrical puzzles as you navigate the remains of a crumbling city. Each of the game’s environments has unique and distinct gameplay styles, and there’s even a moral quandary to ponder: do you do your job and pursue a commitment to duty and safety, or simply ignore others and seek the preservation of your own life?

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