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New games: Inmost is a spooky puzzle platformer in the works from Chucklefish

It’s amazing what talented artists are doing with pixels these days, and Inmost is a perfect example – it’s a puzzle platformer with a 16-bit art style that brings modern techniques to bear to create something deeply spooky yet beautiful.

Developed by Lithuanian studio Hidden Layer Games, Inmost is set in a haunted castle and tells the story of three separate characters who live in two different worlds. Each character has their own playstyle, and they’ll all have to navigate traps, solve puzzles, and defeat otherworldly enemies in order to escape… whatever it is that lives in the castle. Based on the trailer (which you can watch below), it’s super duper evil. In any case, you’ll need to use a combination of exploration, combat finesse, and stealth to work your way through Inmost, which Hidden Layer Games says they’re expecting to have ready in 2019.

Inmost is being published by Chucklefish, who you may remember from such indie hits as Stardew Valley, Risk of Rain, and Starbound, just to name a few. Inmost certainly fits in Chucklefish’s chosen pixel art aesthetic, but it’s far darker and more Lovecraftian than anything we’ve seen from the publisher to date.

Without further ado, here’s the trailer. I’m impressed with how light and darkness is used, particularly to instill the fear of realizing you are not alone.

That’s about all there is to go on for Inmost at the moment – the platforms it’ll be available on, price, and specific release date all are yet to be determined. You can find more information at the official site. And hey, you can always check out our list of the most exciting upcoming PC games while you wait. Based on the strength of atmosphere and art style alone, Inmost is one to keep your eye on.