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Insomniac Games partner with first-time publisher Gamestop to make Song of the Deep

Song of the Deep

The forthcoming 2D side-scrolling adventure Song of the Deep marks US retailer Gamestop’s publishing debut. While it might be a smaller scale project than we’re used to seeing from Insomniac, it looks lovely. 

All of the games on our list of upcoming PC games look lovely – that’s why they’re there.

Song of the Deep is a “metroidvania-style action-adventure” with a focus on exploration. Okay, so it’s perhaps not the most original pitch for a videogame, but when it looks as pretty as this does that really matter?

The game follows the tale of Irish lass Merryn as she sets off into the depths in search of her missing fisherman dad. Far from what I’ve ever seen on an Attenborough documentary, though, these particular pockets of the deep unknown house monsters I’d surely never wish to cross – no matter who I was trying to locate.

Although better known for games like Resistance, Ratchet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive, this change of pace from Insomniac is a welcomed one, and is definitely one I’d love to see more big developers make from time to time.

“Everyone on the team has grown up on these [kinds of] games,” Brian Hastings, the chief creative officer at Insomniac, told Polygon in an interview. “They were a part of our childhood. It’s just something we’ve never done and we wanted to…we don’t want this to be just a world of beautiful background, we want it to be interactive, like a children’s science museum on an alien planet.”

No release date just yet, but I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on this one.

Thanks, Polygon.