Insurgency: Sandstorm takes one of the best online shooters on PC and rebuilds it in Unreal 4

Insurgency Sandstorm

Just when we thought we were sick of seeing people attempt to remake games in Unreal 4, Insurgency developers New World Interactive and Focus Home Interactive are collaborating to remake the brilliant Source engine FPS in Unreal 4.

Criminally, Insurgency isn’t in our list of the best FPS games on PC, but it bloody well should be. It’s definitely better than Crysis.

This partnership comes after Insurgency’s already substantial success, having sold over 2.3 million copies since release.

“We are very excited about working with Focus on Insurgency: Sandstorm,” said New World Interactive founder Jeremy Blum. “We believe there’s a great opportunity for Insurgency on next-gen consoles and that aligning with a strong publisher will allow us to best leverage this.

“Considering our background, it was not easy finding a publisher we felt compatible with. We decided to work with Focus because they understand our game and they believe in our vision. In addition, they bring a wealth of knowledge when it comes to shipping console games and marketing to that audience.”

Other than that, all we know is that it’s coming to PC in 2017 and will also feature a brand new story mode. If you’ve played the original Insurgency, that will be enough to get excited. Now’s probably a good time to blast out some Darude.