Insurgency: Sandstorm reaches 500,000 sales, gets team deathmatch

New World Interactive's shooter hits a big sales milestone and gets a major content update

Insurgency: Sandstorm follows up a very successful take on the modern military shooter, and the sequel seems to be enjoying similar results. Developer New World Interactive has announced that 500,000 copies have been sold, and that milestone means the game has recouped its development and marketing budget. If you’ve not yet checked it out, the game’s currently 20% off on Steam.

You can read our Insurgency: Sandstorm review for a more detailed breakdown of the game’s merits, but the developers have brought a major free update to expand those options. The biggest addition is Arcade mode, which opens the door for a regularly updated selection of “non-traditional game modes” for the shooter’s tactical action.

The first is team deathmatch, which pulls away faction restrictions on your weapons and equipment and gives you more points to buy them. As you’d expect, matches go until one side kills enough of the other to win the match. Alongside TDM, there’s also a new tutorial range in which to test out all your weapons against a variety of targets.

You’ll also see a selection of new weapons in this update: the MP5A2, MP5A5, M240B, MG3, and PF940.

You can see all the new stuff for yourself in the update video above.

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The Sandstorm community still has some long-standing concerns over bugs that’ve been with the game pretty since release, but the developers say this update is the first in a regular series of additions and improvements to the game as a whole.