Free games: Insurgency is yours to keep on Steam

Ready for the free game of the day? Insurgency is free to keep on steam

Insurgency is currently free to keep on Steam, with a two-day opportunity to claim the game and make it a permanent addition to your library. The offer also comes as a sort of secret coupon for the upcoming sequel, Insurgency: Sandstorm, unlocking a loyalty bonus discount on the new shooter launching next month.

The 48 hour window closes at 10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT / 17:00 GMT, so you’ve got until then to claim the game. You’ve gotten enough free games by now that you know the drill – hit the store page, click the install button, and the game will be added to your account.

That Steam store page can be found right there, for your convenience. This comes in advance of the Insurgency: Sandstorm release on September 18, and you’ll get a 10% loyalty discount for having the original game in your library. That stacks with the pre-order discount for a combined 20% off the purchase price, bringing it down to $23.99.

If you want to actually play the original game, it looks like you’ve have a pretty easy time of it. Steam Charts shows nearly 100,000 people currently playing, and even if the majority of those are idling for trading cards you’re still likely to find a handful of folks looking for a game.

Insurgency typically hovers around 2,000-3,000 average concurrent players monthly – modest, but a healthy population for a small multiplayer title. Hopefully we’ll see a boost thanks to this promotion, and the renewed interest can only mean good things for the similarly multiplayer-focused sequel.