Insurgency’s Day of Infamy mod is an official conversion that brings WWII battles to the Source FPS

Insurgency Day of Infamy

If you read this site regularly enough, you might have come across me rambling about how brilliant Insurgency is. But no matter how great a game is, eventually you’ll grow tired of it, especially in a world saturated with shooters set in the brown present day or the jump-boosting near future. That’s why this in-house developed mod is so great – taking the shooter back to a time that most games seem to have left behind. 

Criminally, Insurgency isn’t on PCGamesN’s list of the best FPS games on PC, but I’m going to keep complaining about it until it is.

Insurgency: Day of Infamy is easy to grab over on Steam Workshop– as long as you’ve opted into the game’s beta branch on Steam -so there’s not even any of the messing around normally associated with modding games. And as I said, it’s being developed by the Insurgency development team who are creating weapons, factions, and even some of the maps.

One of the really cool things about this, from a modding perspective, is that it’s being developed in collaboration with the community, meaning someone with a bit of Source engine knowledge could easily end up creating a map that will find its way into the official playlist rotation.

Best of all, the development team has already stated that should the game become a standalone release, anyone who contributed towards the complete package will be paid for their work. For a modder, it’s among the best opportunities available, and it’s a hell of an incentive.

As it stands, the mod comes with two maps, one of which is the invasion of Normandy, complete with the pillboxes overlooking the beach, with a maze of trenches further back from that fortified position.

Here’s an official livestream that shows the mod in action:

If you don’t have the base game, Insurgency is the best £10.99 you can spend on Steam. It also has loads more mod support on Steam Workshop, and all its official maps that have been released are completely free. Just buy it, yeah?